“Gary embodies the true definition of effective leadership coaching. His ability to catalyze growth in people from diverse industry backgrounds and leadership maturity levels, in hindsight, required a lot of experience, patience and resourcefulness. Gary creates a unique dynamic of energy in individuals and teams which fosters creative thinking and above all creates a stronger personal bond that is crucial for trust building and growth.” Hassane Elias Kassouf – Global Technical Business Director

“Gary’s goal is to assist the client using all the tools available and is willing to work with the client to find the best way to address their individual needs.”

“Mr. Crane’s coaching style was patient and professional. He was able to understand the complexities of business and the emotional journey of steering one’s career. I confidently recommend Mr. Crane as an Executive Coach. As a dedicated, knowledgeable coach and an all-around good person, he can help individuals or groups take their career to the next leveL Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you may need.” Vicki Guida, Client Relationship Director, Atlas

“Gary was supportive yet demanding, encouraging yet challenging. He asks the tough questions, makes you introspect to find real, honest answers and through this, I was able to find meaning, direction, focus and increased self-belief.” Mohamed Mawji, Director, Business Finance, Deutsche Bank AG

“Gary has a great disposition, attitude, is extremely personable and has a knack for pushing you to find your own personal flaws in your life. Whether it be personal or business related, he gives you the tools and resources to not only fix them but to turn those into strengths. I quickly found myself a better leader,listener,communicator, husband and friend in the short time that I started working Gary.”

“Gary seeks to understand the perspective and motivations of the client to assist in directly not only the basic goals but the underlying needs of the client.”

“Gary’s methodology of asking me upfront what I wish to take away from the coaching session helped focus the thought process throughout the coaching session.  Additionally, his approach of asking me questions helped me question some of my own long-held beliefs and presumptions.  Eliciting the answers helped clarify my own thinking about the specific belief or assumption.”

“Gary was a very good listener, picking up on cues that were significant, in what I described to him. He also provided opportunities for “homework”, which resulted in very good leadership practice.”