Your Success is Our Success

Executive and Leadership Coaching Services

Are the things that made you successful no longer working for you?  Are you ready to change?  Are you looking for personal growth as a leader?  Are you ready to take the next step in self-awareness?  Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are ready to work with a leadership coach.  Many of us experience these phenomena yet are not sure how to address these issues in a positive and resonant way.  Leadership coaching can provide you with the opportunity for deeper learning about yourself.  As that learning occurs, you have new choices in responding to situations which may be derailing or frustrating you as a leader.

But you might be asking, what is coaching and how does the coaching process work?

We will have regularly scheduled coaching conversations, either in person, phone, or via virtual means such as SKYPE.  We work with you to identify how you need to grow  – to identify those things you need to change to become a more effective leader.  Then we mutually design the practices, the work you will do between our coaching sessions, to accomplish the goals you have brought to the coaching process.

How long does the coaching process take?  This is also a common question.  You will be making a commitment that can last between six and 12 months.  Remember, you are making an investment in yourself, in your growth.  Can you think of a more worthwhile investment?

If you are ready to continue growing as a leader, contact us.  We stand ready to help you achieve your leadership goals.


Strategic Planning Services

What is strategy?  A well thought out strategy explains where your organization is headed, but more importantly, the strategy explains how you plan to get there.

Without a well-defined strategic plan, any road will take you where you’re going.  Organizations that implement a well thought out strategy have a significant competitive advantage over their peers.  And more often than not, strategy is deciding about what NOT to do.  There are so many options available in building your strategy, focusing on the important few activities will define your success as you deliver on your organization’s proposition value.

But more important than having a strategy is operationalizing it.  Bringing it to life.  A strategy without a methodology to implement your plan is merely good intentions.

We bring over 15 years of strategic planning experience to your organizational needs.  We offer a variety of strategic planning exercises that are designed to not only establish your case for change, but bring your strategy to life.  We also help you develop your strategic measures, set targets, and help develop the initiatives needed to drive your success.

Our Strategic Planning Process Includes:

  • Burning Platform Review
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Defining the Future
  • Mission Vision and Core Values
  • Establishing Goals
  • Bridging the Gap Analysis – Operationalizing the Strategy
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Scorecard Development

We can facilitate small or large groups and have the flexibility to design the planning process to meet your needs.  Contact us so that we can help you ensure that you are on the road to strategic success!


Financial Consulting

We bring over thirty years of financial experience in both the private sector as well in the Federal government to help you address finance and accounting issues.  We focus on helping you ensure that your organization has strong fundamental financial processes in place.  We are ready to assist you in:

  • Improving Your Overall Financial and Accounting Operations Including:
    • Financial Reporting
    • Financial Processes
    • Cash Management
    • Internal Accounting Controls
    • Financial Metrics
  • Developing Financial Forecasts
  • Developing Budgets

Contact us if you need assistance in any of these areas.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your challenges and how we may be part of the solution.